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Ves 'L'

Ves “L” is a focused, professional high-quality dishwasher powder with hygienic action. Ves “L” is suitable for all types of alkali-resistant dishes, all industrial and semi-industrial dishwashers and all water hardnesses. Ves “L” is economical to use and contains high levels of chlorine, which easily removes coffee and tea stains and eliminates unpleasant smells. Ves “L” contains very powerful cleaning and degreasing agents that remove stubborn dirt and dissolves food fats and oils.  Ves “L” also contains agents that prevent the formation of foam so that the washing power of the dishwasher is guaranteed. Ves “L” guarantees perfectly clean dishes, even in difficult conditions, at the lowest possible usage costs. Ves “L” contains anti-scale agents so your dishwasher is protected in the long-term against limescale and corrosion. 

Available formats: 12kg

For usage in: